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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 1, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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cameras in a rally car capture the crash. >> and you wonder what happened. >> see when the rolling stops and the perfect selfie appears. bouncers try to keep them out but some rugby players are determined they're going to get into the bus. how they go all scrum to get it done. she seems to draw dive bombing birds. what makes this lady a mag pie magnet. plus the buzz word for your chance at a new ipad mini. and ain't no mountain high
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enough to keep this engaged couple apart. how they biked, hiked, and climbed 12,000 feet to the wedding -- >> in one straight shot. >> they definitely did not have sex after that. have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a pair of sneakers in a drier? this video shows it. a couple ofycar. you see a go pro mounted where the rearview mirror would be. see it in the window? >> yeah. >> keep an eye on that. that's going to become a very important part of this video. boom, boom, it goes tumbling out of the car and you wonder what happened, how is the driver. well, now we've got the camera view of that go pro pointing right out the front of this car and you can see exactly what happened. tommy is on a bit of a clip here, puts down good speed but
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suddenly gets off to the left and then rolls, rolls, rolls, rolls. there goes the camera in the rearview mirror position tumbling out of the car, lands perfectly and captures the most epic selfie right here as tommy gets out of his car. >> it's the hero shot. the sun is in the background shining through the smoke and dust from the car. he emerges and removes that helmet. this is a movie. >> all you need is like a helicopter coming over the top and it's a michael bay movie. >> ultimate instagram selfie movie ever. >> he was like, oh, no i'm going to miss the shot. nailed it. the u.k. is a hot bed of crime but we also know the britts are kind of quaint so it's a hot bed of weird crime. >> a gorilla? >> not the kind you're thinking. it's actually an art piece.
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cue the dramatic music. we have one of 29 special gorillas that were created as part of an art project, a 3,000 pound gorilla which is about $6100. is it going to get hit by a car. maybe a comet is going to land. no. it's the u.k. passive/aggressive crime time because some guy comes walking up with a spray bottle and attacks beverly the gorilla. sprays the face with some sort of liquid that causes the paint to bubble up and crack a little bit. we don't know who he is. they're hoping to identify him. rugby -- >> they have the scrum. >> they decided to see if they could get into the pub. >> oh, my gosh, they really are. >> as you can see, all the bouncers are in the doorway
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trying to block it. it looks like 20, 25 of these guys are determined they're going to get in. this is a sort of criminal. they're a little bit drunk but i quite enjoy it. they don't give up. they keep going. it does get a little bit weird. >> a little bit weird? >> rugby players like to do two things, one, drink and two, take their clothes off. >> are we going to see scrum scorotum. why can't he look like david beckham? >> in the end they decided to do what all english drunk men decide to do which is chant unintelablely. >> if you showed up to this s e
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shoe in china, you got more than you bargained for. >> somebody else's foot, a spider? >> in that shoe is -- >> crackers? >> no. there's a reason the police have come to see what's in the shoe. >> gold fish? >> a sack of flour? >> no. a snake. a flower snake was in the shoe. when one of the girls was clearing the store she noticed there was a snake in the shoe. >> was it a snake skin shoe? >> this makes you second guess trying on shoes at the shoe store. was that not a popular pair where the snake lived there and maybe hatched there. who knows how long that snake had been there. can you imagine if you picked up that shoe and put your foot in
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and then -- >> we have another ipad mini winner. dana peron. she watches us in orlando, florida. congratulations, dana. and your next chance to win is coming up in just a little while. >> so enter you need the buzz word, be 18 years old and be a legal resident. the buzz word is coming up in a little bit. stand by or the ipad mini give away. >> watch this video in russia. pay attention to the vogue ehic fire but pay attention to the woman at the bus stop. >> oh! >> she steps back after it hits the ground. watch it again. >> there was a tiny child standing next to her that goes running through the great when it explodes. >> the woman said she saw the explosion, saw something get bigger and bigger and bigger and by the time she realized what
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was happening, she said she didn't have time to step back. go somewhere and say i'm not going to take this bus that's coming. i'm going to wait until they get the fire under control. police believe a gas canister in the truck exploded from the heat and that caused the hood to just take off. this is almost like the feat of strength. you have two guys with axes and they are going to try to chop these cars in half with an axe. >> this is kind of like that extra level from street fighter two. >> you should see these guys open a can of tuna. >> this is what the guy has done already. when you see the car on the side you can see that guy really has gotten halfway through that car. >> this is impressive. >> wait. what's leaking out of this car? >> that's gas. they don't think that they've let the gas out of this car. >> that's not smart because they
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could create a spark with this metal hitting metal junk. >> it's part of the sport. >> watch this. he chops the car in half. it's a kite boarding race like no other. >> there's no course. they have to figure out their way over each pool up and over each sand dune. >> see how it makes for one amazing scene. and find out why we're celebrating christmas in october.
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when it comes to radical racing ideas, red bull has cornered the market on that. let's go to northern brazil where this arc pell go la gone
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bisects the sand. there's no course, a start line and a finish line. that's it. if you're one of these kite boarders, they have to figure out their way over each pool, up and over each sand dune. you can see them continuing to scoot across the sand being pulled by their kite boards the entire time. >> after the get out of the water the sand sticks to you and you get itchy. >> i'm blown away by this lake. why haven't we seen this in a james bond movie? >> i don't know. it's a sight like i've never seen. there's the finish line, a couple pylons in the water. boom, there you go. >> 17 fridays until christmas, yay! each year since we've been on
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the air we've participated in reddit gifts, one of our favorite sites here. each year they do the world's largest secret santa gift exchange. thousands of people around the world participate in this gift exchange every year. we've given gifts, gotten gifts. think back to the 2013 secret santa reddit gift exchange. we gave our gift. do you guys remember getting a gift? >> no, we never got it. >> get this. we just got our reddit gift. >> ten months late. >> there's a reason. >> the letter says, dear "right this minute," i am a bad santa. words cannot express how sorry i am to have let you down, but let me tell you a story. last year i signed up for secret santa, went to retrieve it and was excited to pull your name. i watched your show, so i headed over to amazon and added the stuff to my cart. this person went back online six
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months later and realized that all of our stuff was still sitting in their amazon cart. our gifts are wrapped and here they are. >> yay! >> we all get to open whatever is in this yummy package. >> are there names? does it matter? >> no. this is for the "right this minute" crew, for everyone. >> ah! >> oh, my gosh! >> we're saying oh, no because the nerf wars around here got to brutal. >> this is perfect for the "right this minute" crew. >> and candy! i love this. >> i feel like we have the golden ticket. >> this is amazing. >> this is the best christmas in october we've ever had. >> i , secret santa. even though we're opening our
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2013 secret santa gift. you can participate in our reddit gift 2014. you can be part of the world's largest secret santa the gift exchange. >> this is perfect for nick. it says ages 8. >> and up. it's october. that means time for octoberfest and that means time to try german food. >> what was that? >> it tastes like the inside of a ritz bits cracker. >> here are the reviews from our friends. plus want to win an ipad mini? get the buzz for your chance.
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>> closed captioning provided by --
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let's head down under for morning time fun. amber, i think she really hates mag pies. so we're going to make a video of amber doing some tasks with mag pies. first test, braces stuck in the helmet, will that scare away a mag pie? the mag pie did not attack her helmet. >> did she randomly get attacked? >> it is the dreaded mag pie swooping season in australia.
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this is a thing. test two is the best. fake eyes on the back of the head. i don't know why they thought this would work. look at these fake eyes. they look like boobs. >> that's terrible. if you're going to make eyes, paint eyes or something. >> how do we think this test is going to go? >> not well. >> she's going to get plucked. >> watch this. it is youtube gold. >> ahhh! ahhhh! >> that's the best piece of music you could have put to it. her face is amazing. that's a new profile picture. >> at the end of the video, in case you missed amber's results, the eyes don't work, the eyes don't work. get mom, get mom, the eyes don't work. >> that's brilliant. >> you're saying the eyes don't
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work? >> i think. it's october. that means time for octoberfest. and that also means for the people at buzzfeed, they got to sample some foreign foods again. this time it's the food of german. >> delicious, kraut and schnitzel and weaners. >> there's only one plate you might recognize. we start with crunch chips flavored with paprika. >> that sounds delicious. >> it's awesome but i don't know what it tastes like. >> barbecue is the right comparison. >> i like them. they're savory. >> it doesn't have enough flavor as barbecue. >> it's kind of weak. >> then they go to vita malt. >> that can't be good. >> it smells like prune juice and beer had a baby. >> grape juice. >> it tastes like beer that you opened, left and then came back
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for it. >> we all recognize brought worst. >> good. >> i love it. >> this is bursting with flavor. >> it's like sausage. >> this is what you actually should eat with beer. >> that's german engineering at its finest. >> that's a slam dunk, a no brainer. >> right. then there's this. >> it tastes like the inside of a ritz bits cracker. >> tastes like cream cheese and yogurt. >> this i know i wouldn't try, salty licorice gummies. >> licorice is an insult to the candy world. >> oh, god it's salty. >> what was s breathed in sweat. >> all right, everybody. it's ipad mini give away time. you're going to need the buzz word, be 18 years old and be a legal u.s. resident. head over to and click on that button.
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enter on facebook, twitter or both. are you ready to reveal the buzz word? are you feeling lucky? it is lucky. get over to and clicken the win ipad button and enter the buzz word, lucky. good luck, everybody. a couple has a long journey ahead to -- >> eventually get married on top of the mountain if we make it. >> this is a destination wedding. >> not many guests either. >> see how going the distance takes them all the way to i do. joe na
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lane penna. bye-bye. yorky versus cricket. ♪
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mandy and brian are getting married but they're doing it in just about the most original special and a little bit crazy way i've ever seen. >> we're going to bicycle to bruce's bridge, approximately 14 miles. >> we will hike -- >> to the surface of the tower, approximately 24 miles. >> eventually get married on top of an gore ra if we make it. >> this is a destination wedding. >> they're going to cycle 14 miles, hike 24 miles. they're going to climb 1200 feet to an elevation of 11,884 feet, get married on the top of the towers and then turn around and go all the way back. >> that would suck. >> i will actually perform a ceremony at the top where i will join these two in holy mat moan. >> of course the most important
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part of the wedding, the drinks. >> i got it a week ago at a consignment store, $8. >> it took two hours to do the cycle and they start the hike. it's a 50-mile hike. >> we have never hiked 50 miles in 48 hours. we're banking on a lot of marriage adrenaline. >> if they get halfway and they're like never mind, i'm too tired to keep going. i'll see you back at the house. >> that's the peak they're climbing up. it's not exactly a hill, is it. that's a mountain and they will be ascending one of the faces, actual proper climbing. 13-hours and putting up their tent. >> this will be our minister side and this is the honeymoon suite. >> the next morning they're up at 3:00 a.m. because they're going to start the ascent. 29 hours later, 11:00 in the morning they finally get to the summit. at that point it's like, i do, i
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do, let's go. >> you can see the beautiful dress that mandy got for 8 bucks. >> it's beautiful. >> so they have the service on top of the mountain, they say their vows, they exchange their rings. >> by the power vested in me, i now pronounce you husband and wife. >> whoo!ntire adventure lasted 45 hours. that's one of the most beautifully shot, most original weddings i've ever seen. >> that's it for rtm. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac -- trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too.
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i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. today from the new movie x báu behind," jordin sparks is here. she's giving her side of the story in her breakup. and more marriage drama with blake shelton and miranda lambert. our inside scoop from "in%á/5 t" magazine. plus, all of the juiciest hot topics. now, here's wendy!6w0ñ


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